The Dolphin Square Charitable Foundation (registered Charity Number 1110090) was created as a housing charity in 2005
The charity’s founding objectives were to help secure accommodation in Westminster or elsewhere in Greater London for those in housing need who:

  • By virtue of their employment in the public, voluntary or private sectors and who provide important social, economic, environmental political services, and who cannot afford normal commercial rents,
  • Or, more generally face poverty, deprivation or disadvantage.

The charity is governed by a Board of trustees (or governors) who are representatives of the Dolphin Square Trust, Westminster City Council, private sector landlords, employers of key workers in Westminster, and registered social landlords.

The Board is responsible for safeguarding assets of the charity and for ensuring full compliance with regulatory requirements and best practice (including compliance with the Charities Act, Regulator of Social Housing requirements and reporting, and data protection). The Board meet quarterly to set the strategies and policies of the charity and to monitor operational activity and financial performance.
The Board works through a number of sub-committees covering areas of specialised interest (Acquisition, Finance & Development, Audit & Risk, Operations, Remuneration & Nomination).

Our Registered Provider subsidiary, Dolphin Housing Limited, is governed by a separate Board of trustees to the charity. The Dolphin Housing Limited trustees (or governors) are responsible for scrutinising the organisation’s affairs, ensuring the organisation operates effectively, efficiently, economically and in compliance with Regulator of Social Housing.


The Accounts

The Dolphin Square Charitable Foundation was first registered on 17 June 2005 (registered Charity Number 1110090). Its governing document is a Trust Deed 11 May 2005. The charity has been funded by monies released from the sale of leasehold interests held by the Dolphin Square Trust in the Dolphin Square mansion block in Pimlico.

Further details about the charity, its structure and governance can be found in the report and accounts available below. Accounts earlier than 2020 can be requested via the Charity Commission or email