How it works

Dolphin Living provide high quality rental homes throughout nine London boroughs. Our homes are offered via different types of tenancy:


Intermediate rent

Homes for working Londoners at a discount of 20% off local market rents. Use our eligibility checker to see if you qualify.

Market rent

Our market rent homes can be found on Rightmove or Zoopla, and are let via local lettings agents.

Affordable & Social rent

Homes in Westminster and Lambeth let at lower rents by the council; see Thorney Street or Kennington Lane for more information.

Our eligibility checker tool can help you understand what you are eligible for, and will point you to the right place to start your search. Take it by clicking the button below.

Why Dolphin Living?
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We don't charge fees

We do not charge any fees on our intermediate tenancies. We may ask you for a reservation fee to secure the offer, but when you move in we deduct that fee from your first month’s rent.

The only thing to pay when you move in is a deposit (equivalent to one month’s rent) and rent for the remaining days in the month.


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Keeping rents affordable

Our aim is to keep rents low – because central London needs working people to keep it working.

We try to arrange the best rates possible which vary from one development to another, and from one size apartment to another.

Rents information can be found on each locations page.

No separate service charges

There are no service charges, but you pay direct for utility bills, Council Tax and water rates.

Assured tenancies for three years

Nearly all the tenancies we offer are assured short hold tenancies for three years. You only need to give us three month’s notice if you want to move out though.

At the end of the three years we usually renew your tenancy, as long as you still meet the eligibility criteria and there have been no breaches of the tenancy clause.

There is no renewal fee.

We take care of repairs

We take care of any repairs and our managing agent is on hand to answer queries or concerns.

We want you to feel at home so we are more than happy for you to redecorate. You just need to let our managing agents know first and, when you move out, we can ask you to restore the original décor, or if we’re happy with your new colour scheme and the quality of the work you can leave it as it is.


Live how you want to

All our apartments are offered unfurnished – it helps keep rents low.