Dolphin Living has launched a new report, titled: Housing Policy in High-Density Global Cities, which demonstrates that affordable rental housing is worth millions of pounds to the London economy.

The research funded by Dolphin Living and undertaken by the University of Westminster highlights the economic and social challenges that face large global cities such as London and the implications these have for housing policy, with a focus on the role played by organisations providing sub-market rental accommodation.

Jon Gooding, Chief Executive, Dolphin Living comments: “We wanted to focus on the fact that while our residents work in a diverse range of jobs vital to the capital’s needs they would otherwise be priced out of living in central London.

“By working closely with the University of Westminster, we identified a way to calculate the wider value to the economy of those occupations within, the public, arts and service sectors, while also considering the social benefits of attracting residents like ours who have local ties and are willing to get involved in the local community.”

The Housing Policy in High-Density Global Cities report found that intermediate housing such as homes in Dolphin Living’s One Church Square development, helped to maintain economic and social diversity essential to the capital, and was consequently worth approximately £1 million a year to the London economy.